Creston Davis, (PhD University of Virginia, MTS Duke University) is the founder and director of The Global Center for Advanced Studies (GCAS) and the Chancellor and CEO of GCAS College Dublin. Davis was promoted to Associate Professor at Rollins College (2012) and has published books with The MIT Press, Columbia and Duke University Press. He is the creator of and co-edits the Insurrections: Critical Studies in Religion, Politics and Culture series, an academic book series published by Columbia University Press.

He currently researches future consciousness, sustainability, and advanced technologies.

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This is a free online course that explores the topic of critical thinking and it’s relationship to technologies within a global decentralized context.

Meeting Times: Thursdays @ 4pm Eastern (New York Time) Nov 7, 14, & 21.

Credits: 0

Format: Blended-Learning (Live Seminars & Self-Paced)
Prerequisites: None

Requirements: Attend the seminar live or engage with the recordings.

Language: English


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Thinking is one of the most powerful actions humans can do. Yet, the power of thinking is often dismissed or undermined by forces both seen and unseen. This seminar explores ways to unleash the infinite power of thinking. The seminar blends the format with live and interactive seminars and prerecorded seminars.

Guest Speakers:

Thomas Metzinger, PhD is a German philosopher and professor of theoretical philosophy at the Johannes Gutenberg University of Mainz. From 2014 to 2019 he is a Fellow at the Gutenberg Research College. [Live Lecture]

Stephen Puryear, PhD Associate Professor of Philosophy, North Carolina State University [Pre-recorded]

Dejan Lukić, PhD Independent philosopher, Vice-Chancellor GCAS College, and author [Pre-recorded]

Keith Faulkner, PhD Professor of Philosophy and Chair of the Philosophy Department, GCAS College. [Pre-recorded]

Francisco Gonzalez Castro, PhD Director of GCAS-South American Centre, Santiago, Chile, Assistant Professor of Art & Philosophy, GCAS College [Pre-recorded]


Books and Materials

We will be reading various supplemental texts from such thinkers as Frantz Fanon and Louis Althusser, but the primary text will be parts of Creston Davis’ manuscript (that will be submitted to his book series, Insurrections published by Columbia University Press). Texts will be provided in PDF form 1 week prior to the course. I’ll also be drawing on Lee McIntrye’s book, Post Truth (The MIT Press).


November 7, Lecture/Discussion 1 via Zoom.

November 14, Lecture/Discussion 2 via Zoom.

November 21, Lecture/Discussion 3 via Zoom.