Professor Clayton Crockett, PhD

Clayton Crockett is a Distinguished Research Fellow at GCAS College Dublin & The Global Center for Advanced Studies. He is Professor and Director of Religious Studies at the University of Central Arkansas. He is the author of Derrida After the End of Writing (2017), Deleuze Beyond Badiou (2013), Radical Political Theology (2011), and Religion, Politics, and the Earth (with Jeffrey W. Robbins, 2012), among others. He is a co-author, along with Creston Davis, Slavoj Zizek, and Jeffrey W. Robbins, of the book series “Insurrections: Critical Studies in Religion, Politics, and Culture” for Columbia University Press. He is working on a philosophy of energy.

Energy, objet petit a, and New Materialism



This course fulfills a requirement for the Philosophy & Psychoanalysis Certificate.

Credits: 5

Format: Blended-Learning (Self-Paced)
Prerequisites: None

Requirements: The researcher/participant in this seminar must complete the course either via: (a) a written examination; or (b) a 2,000 word research paper due no latter than January 15, 2020.

Language: English

This seminar will examine a new materialist ontology of energy transformation along with further examining some of its physical, political, and spiritual implications. The seminar will eventually arrive at what Lacan calls “the little other object”. The objet petit a that he anticipates in some ways undermines the recent fads of “Object Oriented Ontology”, OOO and speculative realism theories.

Books & Materials:

Lacan Seminar X “On Anxiety”

Seminar XVII “The Other Side of Psychoanalysis”

Clayton Crockett, “The Triumph of Theology,” in Theology After Lacan: The Passion for the Real, ed. Creston Davis, Marcus Pound, and Clayton Crockett (Wipf and Stock, 2014)


3 Lectures

Lecture 1: “What is energy?”

Lecture 2: “Bruno Latour, transformation from classical political economy to political ecology.”

Lecture 3: Objet petit a


To pass this course the student must either complete a 2,000 word research paper or successfully pass an examination.


When one successfully passes this course they are eligible to receive 100 GCASY tokens.