CryptoEconomics Certificate Programme
109.00 315.00


Director and Professor:  Prof. Dr. Tere Vadén

Assistant Director: Petra Paulic (PhD Researcher)

This seminar is brought to you by GCAS College Dublin & The Economic Space Agency.


There are several converging drivers pushing a change in how economic relations are organised. Changes in social interaction, production of value, collaboration and forms of organisation are creating new subjectivities in search for empowering economic forms. At the same time, distributed and decentralised technologies are facilitating horizontal and autonomous software and platforms. It is rapidly becoming possible to collectively design and implement new forms of economic interaction. Bitcoin maximalism, platform co-operativism, blockchain nations, self-sovereign identity and so on are all different parts of this as-yet-unknown elephant that can be called crypto-economy, and that is explored in the seminar from the point of view of its conditions of existence.

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Topics include

  • Monoeconomy and economic pluralism

  • Open source and open innovation as organisational forms

  • P2P-production and its economy and governance

  • The socialization of finance

  • Lunch

  • Economy as a design question: how blockchains open a new area of crypto-economics

Certificate Program Learning Objectives:

This program introduces the basic, intermediate and advanced logic of Crypto-Economics and as such introduces decentralized business opportunities, vocational advancement and business implementation possibilities from the blockchain to designing crypto-tokens within a business operation.


Seminar 1: Economy at the time of its digital Re-designability

Three Lectures

Seminar 2: Blockchains: The Technology, The Sociology, The Politics

Three Lectures

Seminar 3: Blockchains: Ecosystems & Experiments

Lecture & Resource Materials