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Lewis R. Gordon, PhD (Yale)

Our Proposal

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GCAS is an acronym for The Global Center for Advanced Studies, which was established in 2013 as a non-profit in the United States with the aim of improving education quality while at the same time providing debt-free degrees. We are proud to say that we have accomplished this aim through the creation of our collaborative eco-system formed through the synergies of our three GCAS entities:

  1. GCAS Research Institute Ireland (2017)

  2. GCAS College Dublin (2018) and through

  3. The Global Center for Advanced Studies in the USA.

In this way, GCAS is a decentralized technology focused on innovation, education and collaborative equity development on the blockchain and powered, in part, by our own cryptocurrency, “GCASY”.

Our seven centres strategically located around the world are ‘nodes’ through which our technology flows. Our centres are in various stages of development from Dublin, our farm in France, Sydney, to Uganda, New York, Santa Barbara, and Santiago, Chile.

The GCAS E-School is our platform for learning, exchange and growth. It is operated by GCAS College Dublin.

This learning platform is one of the most advanced in the world as it provides the following five ways that support learning, exchange and earth-friendly growth.

  1. Self-paced courses and programmes

  2. Live on-line courses and programmes

  3. Virtual, Augmented and Holographic learning, which is in the beta phase

  4. Gaming Learning via our VRGL project

  5. Forum exchange for sharing research and ideas to continue improving and expanding our mission while remaining true to our values and ethos.

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