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Welcome to the GCAS E-School

GCAS College and GCAS Research Institute are proud to announce our new e-school platform. This platform is where we teach live and self-paced courses, seminars, workshops, certificate and degree (BA, MA, and PhD) programmes.

Our mission is to provide the highest quality, affordable, rigorous ‘thinking’ space in the world. Our courses and programmes are taught by leading experts and innovators from many fields of knowledge. We implement research that challenges traditional epistemic models not just from a research or academic point-of-view by from an economic one, too. To this end we deploy the technologies of the blockchain and our own crypto-currency “GCASY”.

It’s time to be bold about thinking and collaborative to build a knowledge-ecosystem that overcome our cognitive and practical deadlocks on systemic and individual levels.

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Become a GCAS Researcher

Become a GCAS Researcher and add your work to our collaborative-knowledge ecosystem, which has many benefits including full access to all our courses and programmes, research materials, and in person learning spaces in one of our seven centers located throughout the world. Tuition fees and our Crypto-token GCASY help pay for this platform.

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What’s the difference between “Self-Paced” and “Live & Interactive” courses?

A Self-Paced Course is where you work through the material on your own time and in some cases with others who are also taking that self-paced course with you via the E-School Forum.

A Live and Interactive Course is where you join with the professor and other researchers in our online live platform ( But don’t worry if you can’t make the live course, you can always interact with the recorded video and materials and stay up-to-date.


Publish in the first peer reviewed journal on crypto and earn GCASY crypto tokens.